Photographers Who Pioneered The Artistry of Instant Photography


Numerous established photographers used Edwin Land's invention as a way of expressing themselves and getting inspired. Instantly. Photographers like Ansel Adams and Andy Warhol were one of those photographers who sincerely enjoyed shooting medium-format pictures and they were fascinated with the broad range of possibilities that this type of photography could offer. Of course, the list goes on and you will get to learn more about photographers who were famously known for their love of instant photography.

Andy Warhol

Famous for his Pop Art paintings, Warhol was also a huge fan of the Polaroid Images. He was not only taking photos of celebrities but also of himself pointing out that this camera makes anyone look good!

Images from fstoppers.

Ansel Adams

Adams was mostly-known for his black and white landscape photography. It was his way of seeing the world and showcasing it through his lens. He also made a photo book called Polaroid Land Photography full of stunning instant photographs that he took during his photographic career.

Images are from the NY Film Academy

Robert Mapplethorpe

Robert's homoerotic photographs represented a huge part of his work. Doing Instant photography was what helped him establish a unique photographic style and remain one of the most controversial photographers of his time.

Images from A Beautiful Decay

André Kertész

Another photographer famous for his affection for instant photography was none the less but André Kertész. André was a Hungarian photographer known for his contribution to photographic composition. Sources are claiming that Kertész suffered from depression after his wife passed away and that his mental health improved significantly after devoting himself to buy the very new Polaroid SX70 camera.

Images are from the NY Film Academy

Walker Evans

Evans was an American photographer and photojournalist best known for documenting the effects of the Great Depression back in the 1930s. At one point of his life, he got an unlimited supply of Polaroid film that later he used to publish in his book. Evans was a huge believer that nobody should use Polaroid before the age of 60 claiming that only someone with experience could get the wanted results.

Images are from the NY Film Academy

Helmut Newton

Best known for his controversial photographs of women, Newton also used his Polaroid to test his shots before actually shooting it on a camera. He took some of the most iconic fashion images, and he remains to be a huge inspiration to all the fashion photographers across the world.

Images from Treats Magazine.

David Hockney

Hockney is one of those photographers who enjoy experimenting and finding new ways to turn their creative visions a reality. He also used Polaroid film to create so called "joiners" which are made of piecing multiple viewpoints together.

Images from Hockney Pictures.

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