Flyte Fly to Barcelona with the LC-A+

Hackney based band Flyte are one of those band that you struggle to pigeonhole treading the line of a prog band with a melange of 80s synths sounds. We gave them a Lomo LC-A+ to play around with and had a little chat about what's to come, and their experiences in shooting a video with CANADA.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

We’re an ‘Art-Pop four piece from Hackney’, well at least that’s the title the Times recently gave us, but we’ve never been very good at answering that question. We have an album coming out next month and we’ve just come back from Barcelona shooting a music video for ‘Cathy Come Home’ which is a track off said album. We shot the video with CANADA who have done videos for Tame Impala, Phoenix, and Battles, that look consistently amazing and always have a pleasingly twisted sense of humor.

How did you get on shooting with the LC-A+?

We really loved it, we were glad to have it with us for such a photogenic setting. Even the camera itself was aesthetically pleasing, very Soviet Union!

What did you choose to shoot?

Well, first it was the early morning Bloody Mary’s at Heathrow and then reading our books on the plane. We took lots of the CANADA film crew, who all looked like characters out of their own videos. We got a great snap of Femke the director from behind her monitor, also of her instructing Jon and Sam to run up the side of the velodrome, and Will to climb up the light tower. She asked us to do quite a few mildly treacherous things on the day actually.

Plenty of us lounging about in the heat or hiding under umbrellas. Got a nice snap of Elspeth from Island Records and Frankie from i-D magazine standing next to each other looking like they just formed a band. One from our night out after the shoot with Femke, Karen the producer, Balan who’s making our documentary and Anna Diaz Ortuño, who we’d actually met the weekend before in Sweden by sheer coincidence. We did a show with Floating Points and she was doing his visuals – turned out she was really close friends with Karen and she took us out to one of Barcelona’s best tapas restaurants. Then finally a couple of fleeting shots of us walking round Barcelona before having to get the plane back to London.

If your photos could have a soundtrack, what would it be? (3 songs, title and artist please)

Right - David Bowie
Robin Egg Blue - Cass McCombs
Concierto de Arangejuez: Adagio - Miles Davis

What’s coming up in the future?

Our debut album comes out August 25th which is a big one! Come the 25th we’ll be performing in record stores across the country. After that, we’ll be off on the UK and European tour that basically takes us up to the end of the year. We’re bracing ourselves.

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