Dancehall Culture as Taken by Ivar Wigan

Photographer Ivan Wigan's "Young Love" follows the dancehall community in Jamaica, in which Wigan would describe as an "institution of the island". See the homegrown culture of music and passion unfold here.

Photography by Ivar Wigan

Jamaica has been the home of reggae and dancehall, and the youth lives for it. "Young Love" captures Jamaica's parties, clubs, strip clubs, after parties and the mornings after. The point-and-shoot photographs show of the momentous, fleeting events, though minimal as they seem, candidly explore the Jamaican youth culture

Wigan has visited Jamaica since he was a kid, hence the title "Young Love", emphasizing his "'rose-tinted" views of the country. Now in his late 30's, he remembers living in Downtown Kingston last winter and found an area boss shot, causing a gang war between communities. There were many killings day by day mostly by machine guns, Wigan would say.

Despite the dim hours he experienced, his appreciation for the country has not wavered.

Photography by Ivar Wigan

Images are from Dazed Digital.

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