On Photography, Art & Mexico: Inside the Mind of Pedro Meyer


Pedro Meyer, one of the most significant icons in contemporary photography, takes a seat as he talks about hiss own musings and inklings on art and photography and how the Mexican culture consumes the medium.

Believed to be one of the pioneers of contemporary photography, Meyer is no mere successful documentary photographer. He has gone beyond the camera and became the founder of the Mexican Council of Photography, as well as the organizer of the first three Latin American Colloquiums. The Madrid-born, Mexico City-based photographer is known for his futuristic approach to the camera medium, having been the forefront of technical and social possibilities.

He believes all cultures have their own unique preferences of language -- some root from music, literature, painting -- but he is sure Mexico's was a visual one.

Sit back with this living legend and take a few notes from his musings.

Preview image was taken from the video.

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  1. holgardo
    holgardo ·

    I need a dislike button for this.
    I like some of his early work, even some of his heavy photoshopped later work; nevertheless, the man is an asshole when he talks about analog photography.

  2. krisht
    krisht ·

    @holgardo To a certain extent he is right, but he is merely expressing HIS opinion. I'm sure the essence of what he is saying is that too many people obsess about the techniques, media and formats rather than concentrating on making great images. How many times have you seen/heard people ask, "What is the best camera to make my photos look more professional?" And anyone that completely dismisses analogue is very shortsighted.

  3. holgardo
    holgardo ·

    @krisht I know it´s just his opnion. And he has done a great work promoting photography in Mexico (for example, the opening of a great museum of photography). And that is precisely my concern about what he says about technology: he is an important voice y Mexican photography and should be careful about what he says.

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