Monday Moodboard: The Empyrean

For this Monday Moodboard, we take you way up to where the deities reside.

The Emyprean, according to the Ancient Greeks, was the highest place in heaven, where ancient cosmologies reside, the dwelling place of the divine, celestial beings. It's covered in pure light and has been mentioned so in the Divine Comedy.

It's not so bad to get your head in the clouds on a dull day such as this one.. perhaps partake in the cosmic feast, or take some ambrosia with you. Get all mystified with these amazing skies.

Credits: jennson, sandkorn, domyblue, atria007, gocchin, rancliffhasenza, ohlordy, pzzzenguin, superkulisap, coca, jeahh, jerryka & crazy_little_red_riding_hood

2017-07-24 #places #multiple-exposure #sky-photography #monday-moodbooard

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