How Legendary Music Photographer Mick Rock Iconized Rockstars

If you haven't heard of Mick Rock, then you've been living under the wrong rock (we're not trying to be punny).

Photographer Mick Rock was known as "The Man Who Shot The Seventies", capturing the most arresting walks of life he had encountered as a young British student and photographer in the age of punk and rock.

Lou Reed, Mick Rock, 1975; Queen II Album Cover, London 1974; Blue Debbie Harry, NYC 1978; PHOTO COPYRIGHT MICK ROCK 2017

How he managed to capture portraits of David Bowie, Iggy Pop Lou Reed, and others came from a different angle, one that is beyond a paparazzi's lens. He saw people as if he was seeing their souls and auras, like waves emitting from the inside. A moth-to-flame analogy, if one would put it. It was how he went after those budding musician icons. Rock was part of the glam rock n' roll culture, involving himself with the mythos that came along with it.

Bowie In Mirror; Syd Barrett With Record Player, London 1969; Iggy Pop, Raw Power Album Cover, London 1972; PHOTO COPYRIGHT MICK ROCK 2017

He is in no way seeking to become a rockstar photographer -- fame was out of his motives. Rock, even to this day, does not give a dime's worth of his popularity and success -- the base formula of his mastery to this day.

Images are from Dazed Digital.

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