Joseph Barrett: Finding the Essence of Man in Portraiture

Traditional notions of masculinity have been thrown out of the window. In the photography of English portraitist Joseph Barrett, it is high time for the world to start looking at people without pre-judging eyes.

Portraits and contact sheet of Chen © Joseph Barrett

While it is true that women are majorly misunderstood by society in terms of sexuality, men are also victims of idealizations. Perhaps, one can even say it may just be the cause of gender stereotypes. The typical male sex is often associated with the heterosexual man, often looking at the heterosexual woman. No questions asked, society would shush naysayers and would continue to do so throughout history.

Portraits of Edi, Jack and Ralph © Joseph Barrett

But in the post-modern world, there is no room for labels. Out of his Joseph's frustration for gender stereotypes and tropes, Barrett decided to capture portraits of his male friends, not with industry standards (subtext: the ultra-masculine), but with unassuming eyes.

In this series of portraits, there are no chiseled torsos, shapely shoulders, sculpted abs nor are there prominent jaw-lines, deep-set, predatory eyes fishing for women as prey. It's men, in their most human poses as defenses are lowered.

Contact sheet of Max, Portraits of Dan © Joseph Barrett

And honestly? It's refreshingly beautiful.

We're about to hear more from Joseph Barrett in his upcoming interview, soon! In the meantime, view more of his works in his Instagram.

written by Ciel Hernandez on 2017-07-23 #people #portraiture #joseph-barrett #men-portraits

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