Symmetry Rumble Winners


A well-balanced composition is naturally pleasing to the eyes. Either naturally occurring or achieved through elaborate techniques, lomographers are fond of hunting for perfectly symmetrical photographs. Marvel at the best of the best from these photos that took the top spot in the Symmetry competition.

Grand Prize Winner:

Credits: luqezr

Here's what the jury has to say about this photo:

Lomographer @luqezr warps the world into a minimalist geometry with an elaborate multiple exposure combined with Splitzer. Not an easy trick to pull off but he did so masterfully!


Credits: dbloomsday, stratski, magrifas, wearejustamomentintime, puntaiwai, fruchtzwerg_hh, grunrader, chizun, duffman & monerty

More Photos from the Submission Box:

Credits: montagu, metaluna, dupdupdee, changiyun & juniardigiugno

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Lomographer @luqezr will get a voucher worth 50 EUR for the Lomography online shop while the runners-up will receive 15 piggies each. All winners qualify for the year-end Ten And One - Annual Lomography Photo Awards under the "Game Changers" category.

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  1. luqezr
    luqezr ·

    Yayyy :D

  2. grunrader
    grunrader ·

    Congrats @luqezr!

  3. icequeenubia
  4. puntaiwai
    puntaiwai ·

    Congrats @luqezr !

  5. puntaiwai
    puntaiwai ·

    @icequeenubia thanks

  6. dbloomsday
    dbloomsday ·

    @icequeenubia Thanks!

  7. monerty
    monerty ·

    @icequeenubia thanks! congratulations guys

  8. magrifas
    magrifas ·

    Yey, thank you! Well done everyone! :3

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