Monday Moodboard: Romantic Comedy

Dreading a dragging Monday? Have some summer lovin' with our special moodboard of the quirkiest, cheesiest, and sweetest couple shots among the community.

Whether you admit it or not, you have watched "Sleepless in Seattle" and "Manhattan", and you wish that finding "the one" would just like be the movies; be the hipster couple ranting about the superficial injustices in the world (e.g. Ringo Starr, the least favorite Beatle? "Not on my watch," thus spake the manic pixie dream girl from "500 Days of Summer"), be the 'opposites-attract'/'two different worlds' sort in "Roman Holiday", or the passionate duo both striving for their dreams, a la "La La Land".

Don't have the other half? No problem. Let the singing birds appear before you! Who knows, your serendipity might just be around the corner. After all, rom-coms usually start with the protagonist alone.

And now we present to you, our cheesiest-yet-sincerest Monday Moodboard.

Credits: moodification, bravebird, panelomo, vladimirgruev, adbigmilk, dida, jazztrio2014, waggrad00, calamita, jeabzz, fivedayforecast, qrro & alienmeatsack

2017-07-17 #culture #couple #romance #monday-moodboard

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