Celebrating 25 Years of Lomography


In 1992, the photographic world was changed forever when a creative and experimental wild child burst onto the scene. A quarter of a century later, creatives the world over are ignoring the rules, losing themselves in the moment and capturing crazy, magical memories — all in the name of Lomography. We’re kicking off our 25 Years of Lomography celebrations by creating a global photography exhibition with Lomographers around the world. Come and join the party!

With the help of creatives in every corner of this crazy planet, we’re going to bring countries, cultures and people together through the power of photography. We’re bridging borders with the biggest series of LomoWalls ever constructed. These stunning mosaics of images will be placed all over the globe so that we can see the world through each other's eyes. And we want you to get involved!

Whether you're showing us an intrinsic part of your identity as a citizen of your country or sharing something you learned when you passed through on your adventures, we want to see your pictures of the places you’ve been. You can submit up to 10 images to each category, and the best photos will be used to create our international LomoWalls. There’ll be up to 100 winners for every category, and all of these winning shots will be entered in the special category of this year’s TEN AND ONE Annual Lomography Photo Awards. That means that every winner will be in the running to win heaps of prizes, including an artistic residency at Lomography HQ in Vienna! Head over to the Lomography Competitions page to submit your shots now.

But that’s not all — we’re not the only ones who’ll be making beautiful pieces of art from competition winners' images. Whether in a cave filled with fairy lights, an igloo in the midst of the tundra, or aboard a ship sailing the seven seas, we want you to help us cover the world with LomoWalls. Sign up and we’ll send you a selection of the winning photos so that you can build your very own LomoWall!

Everyone who builds their own LomoWall exhibition and sends us some fantastic picture of its opening night will receive 50 EUR of vouchers to spend in the Lomography Online Shop. We’ll also enter your name into a prize draw to win one of five special edition Lomo LC-A+ cameras. And if you don’t win one of these, we’ll send you a special edition Diana F+ camera instead! Bring a bit of Lomography to your corner of the world, and then invite everyone you know to come and celebrate the beautiful, bizarre and bewildering planet we live on. Share the love, spread the joy and keep the inspiration burning.

Our LomoWall exhibition is only the start of our 25 Years of Lomography celebrations. You can also win big with Lomography on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Make sure you’re following us on social media and keep an eye on the official 25 Years of Lomography site. From parties to exhibitions to giveaways and more, there are tons of festivities still to come!

Check out all the details about building your own LomoWall Exhibition.

2017-07-19 #culture #25yearsoflomography

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  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    and I watch bbc lomography documentary right 10 years ago =) very late 15 years

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