Lomographic Color Studies: Yellow


When appreciating nature and the cosmos, specks of yellow -- flowers, the moon, and stars -- dance before our eyes, admiring their organic beauty. But yellow, unlike its brothers red and blue, is rather unloved.

Credits: ariannapaloma, joncherry, monkev, robter & hellborsh

When one thing is too loud, too outspoken, we all have the tendency to look the other way. Such can be said with the color yellow. Among the primary colors, yellow is the least favorite.

But maybe most of us just don't like to look closely and open our minds ... for yellow is the color of wisdom and intelligence. Many cultures refer to the sun as the highest form of being, a deity, if you will. Civilizations from the Nile and Yellow River would don their dresses and majestic households in sparkling gold. Monuments for the figures. It does not take a genius why priests, sages, and monks don saffron-shaded garments.

But it's all paradoxical, really, for yellow is a color of contradiction. We common people would refer jaundice as sickly; yellow-bellied for cowards; stereotype blondes as funny and dumb.

But hey, good humor can only be acquired through wisdom. An acquired taste, really.

Credits: mr_goo, peterpan61, grad, micky_s & gocchin

And when we speak of good humor and intelligence, of color meaning and favoritism, no one else's opinion is as valued as the artist who championed the spectrum. These were the very words Impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh wrote to her sister in 1888:

To survive in a rather yin-and-yang world, we all need that speck of light, the little yellow in our lives, like how the sunflowers have helped Van Gogh thrive through the darkness in his head. Light within darkness.

Credits: lola_juanlu, meryl & djramsay

Perhaps the next time you look at the flowers, up at the moon and the stars, the sparks of yellow around you; you might catch yourself unable to look away.

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