How to Shoot Like a Pro with Kodak Ektar 100 (120)

The Kodak Ektar 100 for medium format is the blank canvas for all folks with different strokes.

This stock does not boast color shifts or remarkable tints, but it does where it is best -- quality. At 100 ISO, the film is capable of taking low light jabs and film speeds. Anyone can enjoy this. If you dig bright, slightly tinted photographs, pairing the film with a filter will only amplify the Ektar plus the color. Multiple exposure enthusiasts will enjoy the clear ends of each frame. Experimental photographers can tinker around. Or you can leave it the way it is. As said -- it is a blank canvas.

It's the 'bread-and-butter' type of film for professionals, or those taking photography seriously with its simplistic and unhinged results. Approach photography anyhow you want with this versatile film.

Find the angles

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Prowess analogue advantages

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Make moods

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By intuition and instinct

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