Lomography's 10 Golden Rules As Explained by Dorothea Lange


Dorothea Lange is arguably one of the most important American figures in the history of photography. What might she have said about Lomography? A strong case can be made that she would have loved it -- check out how perfectly some of her famous quotes align with our 10 Golden Rules! If you're in the Oakland, CA area, be sure to check out Dorothea Lange: Politics of Seeing at the Oakland Museum of California which has been extended through August 27, 2017, due to popular demand. We're quite sure you'll leave the exhibition feeling totally inspired, and great news! You can even pick up a Diana F+ in the museum shop.

1. Take your camera everywhere you go
“One should really use the cameras though tomorrow you’d be stricken blind.”

2. Use it any time - day and night
"You put your camera around your neck along with putting on your shoes, and there it is, an appendage of the body that shares your life with you."

3. Lomography is not an interference in your life, but part of it
“I believe in living with the camera, and not using the camera"

4. Try the shot from the hip
"I realize more and more what it takes to be a really good photographer. You go in over your head, not just up to your neck.”

5. Approach the objects of your Lomographic desire as close as possible
“Photographers stop photographing a subject too soon before they have exhausted the possible”

6. Don’t think
"To me, beauty appears when one feels deeply."

7. Be fast
"Artists are controlled by the life that beats in them, like the ocean beats on the shore."

8. You don’t have to know beforehand what you captured on film
“To know ahead of time what you’re looking for means you’re then only photographing your own preconceptions, which is more than what we see with our own eyes, there is another in which it proves to us how little our eyes permit us to see"

9. Afterwards either
To be good, photographs have to be full of the world.

10. Don’t worry bout any rules
“It is not enough to photograph the obviously picturesque.”

If you're in the Oakland, CA area, be sure to check out Dorothea Lange: Politics of Seeing which has been extended through August 27, 2017, due to popular demand.

All quotes by Dorothea Lange, photographs by Dorothea Lange used with permission of The Oakland Museum. Article compiled by Bree Doldron.

written by katphip on 2017-07-20 #culture #people

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  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    not sure about "be fast" with her camera. even i try always "be fast" with my lubitel 166+ and ended up with horrible result

  2. katphip
    katphip ·

    @hervinsyah She might have had some similar issues actually :) The fact that she was worried about the quality of her negatives is brought up in her biography Dorothea Lange: A Photographer's Life by Milton Meltzer

  3. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    @katphip cool thanks for the info =)

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