Get the Chance to be Featured In Our Next Photobook

How would you like to be featured in our next photobook, and in the Lomography magazine? Are you up for a challenge, and sharing some of your craziest ideas? Here's your chance!

We would love to hear from you what sort of adventures and good mischief you would like to be getting up to with the Neptune. Let your creativity in and your inner writer out as you share your story with us - where would you go with it? What would you love to shoot? Any particular person you're dying to take a portrait of? What would be your focal length of choice? Are you more 35mm wide-angle wanderer, 50mm classic, or bold and beautiful with 80mm?

Until Sunday 16 July, submit your answers here. The craziest, most ambitious, and most inspiring suggestions will be featured with your name in the official Neptune Art Lens photobook, distributed with each Neptune Art Lens around the world! Don't be afraid to share all kinds of details in your story - just don't exceed our limit of 400 words!

Get thinking, Lomographers - you have less than a week! We can't wait to hear what you're plotting.

2017-07-12 #gear

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