Do Not Try This At Home: Scenes From the Ukrainian Wrestling Arena


I would like to share with lomographers my own artistic vision of Pro Wrestling in Ukraine. If you have never stumbled upon Professional Wrestling term and went to google it before reading my article you would find one of the first descriptions of it as an athletic competition mixed with theatrical performance. Indeed this is a unique kind of sport where it is not about physical action but more of hyperbolizing your entity to the edge. If you are good in making people believe your character – then your job is done.

One of the main federations which I was following from the very beginning was originally formed in Kharkiv. A group of teenagers were spending winter evenings in front of TV watching Pro wrestling shows on their video tapes trying to repeat the same – though such things do always have a note ‘Do not try this at home’. The outcome of this however was quite successful – they started making shows for close friends and parents as starting point to gain experience in front of an audience.

Seems like when it's needed all of the universe gives you obvious signs that you need to continue. The moment has come when guys realized they are not the only ones in the country and got their community bigger with wrestlers from all different Ukraine cities. Currently, they’ve brought themselves together to create a first ever full-fledged wrestling promotion in the form of Ukrainian Wrestling Arena. Unfortunately, Ukraine (or, at least, people living here) aren’t quite ready yet for this type of action, but guys are still gathering together, usually several times a month, to put on the best show that they possibly can for whatever audience they are able to gather at the occasion.

Every wrestler lives from show to show and each time cannot wait until the next one happens because that is the only time when they express themselves to the fullest. Like film photos filled with atmosphere – every wrestling event filled with unique soul.
With each photo posted here I want to show the background and the actual shows in action, the preparation and the real ‘behind the scenes’ action. Wrestlers having fun without being afraid to express feelings, sleeping on the floor before show in another city, trying out and playing with championships belts or making a snoot in their photos. In the end – aren’t we all trying to enjoy life in our own extraordinary way?

written by Dasha Shyf on 2017-07-14 #culture #places #wrestling #ukraine #ukrainian-wrestling-arena


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    lomod ·

    Thank you for sharing my story!

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    chromagnon ·

    All Wrestler are Lomo-Beings!!! Guay!!!

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    OMG! Cool article, amazing shoots!

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