VISIO: The Handy Photoprojector

Image projection has been around quite long enough. Historians would cite that the old projector was used to for showing and teaching through the use of images. It's been a handy tool to allow many viewers to see photos at a quality scale.

Thus, projection has been filled with several innovations -- from magic lanterns, cinematographs, slide projectors and up to the modern 4k. And yet, projection is still bounded by limits -- cost, fragility, energy consumption, weight.. these factor in a lot, making projection almost limited for indoor use only.

But now you can imagine, taking the possibilities outside the four corners of the room. Enter VISIO, the mobile photoprojector that you can take anytime and anywhere as it overcomes the limits.

VISIO can project photo-quality images simply by placing it in space. It is also a photograph enlarger outside the confines of indoors. As for analogue and slide photographers -- take no worry, for the quality of your films remain intact when you flash your exposures with the ViSIO. In fact, you can use your old, stack of slides. Digital photos can also be transferred. Simply drop by a photography laboratory to transfer them.

You can also get creative with the slides -- write or draw on 'em!

VISIO can also be used for painting and tracing, best for street artists, DIY lovers and hack culture. Better yet, why not make your own room installation with visuals through VISIO?

The kit can be assembled over and over, depending on your preference. Compatible mounts for the VISIO are the following: CANON EF, NIKON F, SONY, PENTAX K, M42.

So far, VISIO is currently going through its crowd-funding project. Around €26,000 has been pledged to the €15,000 goal and the campaign will end on July 20. Orders will be available in August, while delivery will be fulfilled by October.

Learn more about this project here.

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