It's Part of Your Life: A Lomo'Instant Video by Adriana Zingaro

Milan-based art direction and graphic design student Adriana Zingaro created a motion graphics video inspired by the nostalgia of looking at old printed photographs and the Lomo'Instant! Let's get to know Adriana in this brief interview.

Adriana Zingaro. Photo by Diana Borinato.

Welcome to the Lomography magazine. Tell us a little about yourself and what you do.

I'm so glad to speak with you! Thank you very much for the opportunity! I am Adriana, an Italian student of Art Direction & Graphic Design in NABA in Milan. I’m attending my final year.

When did your interest with graphic design started?

My interest with graphic design started when I was in high school (classic studies). I found a magazine that dealt with graphic art and it really inspired me! Approaching to the end of my classic studies, I found NABA online, so I decided to move to Milan after getting my high school diploma, I still live here. During my studies in NABA, I found out what motion graphic design is, and I loved it immediately!

Do you also practice photography? Have you tried shooting with any Lomography camera?

Yes, I practice photography, but for fun. Some years ago I bought my Lomo’Instant because I need to fix my memories in prints. Every time I travel or I go out with friends, my Lomo’Instant is always with me since I want to catch every funny and lovely moment of our life.

This video is heartwarming and adorable! What's the inspiration behind it?

Thank you so much! The inspiration behind this video was born due to the feeling that I had looking at my photo albums. Lomo’Instant gives me the opportunity to reproduce a feeling of a precise moment of my life for a lasting photo. I will be able to remember again all those moments about my friends, about any important day. I would say it’s basically like I can touch all those memories thanks to Lomography. My goal was to communicate and share all these emotions: You might see just a photo, but your imagination, your feelings, give you the opportunity to re-experience that moment exactly as it was in the past.

Photos by Adriana Zingaro taken with the Lomo'Instant.

Do you have other projects in store?

Yeah, I have loads of projects in my mind. To be honest, I’m at the beginning of this experience and I’m completely aware of the fact that I have many things to learn about motion graphics design: This is only possible through practicing. In the meantime, my immediate projects in store are the videos I’m designing for my bachelor degree thesis, plus some other projects I’m working on, mainly in order to learn something new, and why not, to have fun at the same time!

All information in this article are provided to Lomography by Adriana Zingaro and used here with permission. Learn more about her Lomo'Instant video here and see more of her work on her portfolio.

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