A Game Of Shadows: An Interview With Giulia Bersani

Giulia Bersani was only a child when she first encountered analog photography. She became fascinated with the fact that she is creating something unique and meaningful and now nothing can stop her from achieving her dreams. In this interview, Giulia talks about her world of different shades and colors and reveals what are some of the most rewarding aspects of being a photographer.

Hey Giulia! Welcome to Lomography Magazine! What inspires you to take photos these days?

Lately, I take inspiration from my personal daily life. I’m working on a dairy project because I feel like I need to create some documents about my world and also about my big feelings. Probably soon or late I will change, my life will change and those photos will be really precious for me.

When did you discover the need to capture moments around you? How did photography become a part of your life?

Since when I was a child I was really attracted by photography but I saw it just as a game. When I was 19 I did my first photography course (almost by chance) and I started to be obsessed with the power of creating something strong and of sharing it with interested people. I understood how it’s possible to feel unknown people near through the photos they took.

What is it that you want to showcase throughout your photography? How do you turn your creative vision into an actual photograph?

To be honest it’s all really instinctive. I think something important I had to learn to find my own style is to switch off my brain at the moment I shoot and just to let go. I follow my feelings almost without thinking and I go hunting for strong images. When I feel what’s in front of me is powerful, I shoot. I always try to interact with the subjects while I take photos; I often talk with them about personal stuff and move with them.

Your work has been published in numerous magazines all over the world. In your opinion, what are the most rewarding aspects of being a photographer?

I think the most rewarding thing that often happens to me is to receive people’s messages where they thank me for what I do. I do it for myself mainly but it’s so amazing to know that my personal point of view can move so many people. It makes me feel less alone.

What is it that fascinates you the most about analog photography? What was your very first camera?

MY very first camera was a Zenit E (it used to belong to my father). What fascinates me the most about analog photography is the simplicity of the process. You can touch everything and this helps you understand how it works and how precious is light. I also love the consistency of the image. With digital every photo looks to me flat and less tangible.

Your work is all about playing with the light and shadows. Would you say good lighting is one of the most important aspects of photography?

Yes, for sure. All the different shades and colors of light make it possible to create different atmospheres and suggestions. The other essential aspects for me are the subject and the authenticity of the moment.

Whose work has influenced you the most?

Lately Nan Goldin’s. People started to suggest me to have a look at her work some years ago. At the beginning I thought those photos weren’t really beautiful but then I started to appreciate more and more the truth behind all her work until she became an idol for me. Right now I think I’m moving in this direction; sacrificing some beauty for some more truth. That’s why I’m often abandoning my mechanical reflex Canon Ae-1 for the faster and more little Yashica t-4. I can take it everywhere and people are less scared.

What does your day look like when you are not busy shooting another project? What do you enjoy doing besides photography?

I enjoy very simple pleasures. I love nature and I love love. My perfect free day would be to go for a trip in the countryside with my lover, with some special friends or even alone and just to walk, observe nature, eat something good etc.

All photographs shown in this article were used by the permission of Giulia Bersani. If you want to see more of her work, check out her Website and follow Giulia on Instagram.

written by Ivana Džamić on 2017-07-12 #people #analogue #film-photography #giuliabersani

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