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Interview with Niki Quinn of lifestyle boutique Tigertree in Columbus, OH.

Tigertree sits in the heart of the Short North neighbourhood of Columbus, amidst a vibrant and growing community of art, entertainment and shopping. Co-owners Josh and Niki founded Tigertree out of ideas they just had to share with the Short North -and the world! A lifestyle boutique filled with design pieces for the home, unique jewellery, and clothing can be found in this gem. We caught up with co-owner Niki to find out more about the store, wild animals, and Columbus.

Where did the name Tiger Tree come from? How was the store conceived?
Our other job is repurposing old discarded books into one of a kind accessories. The first book that we successfully made a wallet from was an English textbook called Tigertree. The store was actually born from the Maxine, Dear line. We traveled around the country peddling our wares to great little (and not so little) shops. We were seeing too many great lines and had too many great ideas to not open a store ourselves!

Share your Columbus hidden gem?
Jeni’s Ice Cream! Have you ever had sweet corn ice cream made from the bounty of the farms just up the street? How about goat cheese ice cream with fig sauce? You haven’t unless you have been to Jeni’s and you are missing out!

What is your favorite wild animal?
In theory I love foxes. They’re so pretty but I always get a little scared when I actually see one. Foxes are my favorite wild animal from a distance.

What’s in your pocket?
Change from getting coffee this morning when I was supposed to already be opening the store.

Latest Inspiration?
We recently purchased a huge lot of vintage enamel pins for the shop- the colors and images are amazing. We actually just made a t shirt for the shop using one of the old graphics and slogans from one.

If you were a Lomography Camera, which would you be? And why?
The Oktomat. Why have one eye when you could have eight?

What is one thing you would like everyone to know about Columbus?
That even though we have the largest university in the nation, Columbus is not just a college town! We have a vibrant and growing art, shopping and entertainment community. Visitors from New York and LA always seemed shocked when they walk into our neighborhood that such a gem exists in Ohio.

Favorite place on earth to bring your camera?
Hocking Hills- a state park about half an hour outside Columbus. It’s so amazing there, it’s impossible to take a bad picture!

What’s the weirdest question you’ve ever been asked by a customer?
In some data base out there, Tigertree is listed as a tuxedo rental place. We get calls from a good number of high school boy’s moms wanting to know what our rates are. We should be use to it by now, but it’s always such an awkward conversation.

Advice of the day?
Stay hydrated. That was probably supposed to be less practical advice, huh?

771 N High Street
Columbus, OH

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