The Guanches of the Square of the Basilica de la Candelaria.

The Canary Islands have an undisputed mistress of the Christian faith which is the Virgen de la Candelaria

The Canary Islands have an undisputed mistress of the Christian faith which is the Virgen de la Candelaria, which is venerated in the seven islands, and his figure is sheltered in the Basilica of the town that bears his name, on Tenerife island which first appeared before the Spanish conquest, by the year 1400. His appearance came against the ancient inhabitants of the islands, the Guanches, and is in honor of this ancient people in the plaza of the Basilica, a representation of the principal Menceyes (kings) of the island flank the entrance from the sea. These Menceyes are huge bronze figures by the canary sculptor José Abad, and represent the nine Menceyes who led each of the nine menceyatos that existed on the island at the time of the Marian apparition. These nine Menceyes were in turn brothers, sons all of the great mencey Tinerfe the Great, and the figures protect and venerate the Virgin and its square. In fact, one of the offerings is called the Zanata Stone, a stone containing Berbers inscriptions, which explain where the Guanches came from, but today has not yet been able to demonstrate categorically that the stone is legitimate.

So if you ever come to Tenerife, remember to pass by this huge and airy place, to visit the “Morenita,” and enjoy the sea views from the statues of the Menceyes.

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