Pictures That Shaped Lomography 1999


In 1999, the famous boy band Backstreet Boys rode on the Millennium wave by releasing ... Millennium, their third album, which raked in more than 30 million copies. That's quite a feat, considering that a peer-to-peer file sharing was also launched in '99. Called Napster, the service allowed users to transfer files directly between each other, changing the way people acquired and listened to music.

It was also during this year when the first version of Bluetooth made its debut. However, syncing electronic devices with the system proved challenging for its earliest users. On a sad note, filmmaker Stanley Kubrick passed away, while Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace became the highest-grossing film.

Credits: bloomchen, superlighter, tsingtao & davecmorrow

And what about in the Lomography world? Well, there was the Actionsampler World Championship held in New York, showcasing an awesome gallery of photos submitted to its competition, as well as mini-movies made from the multi-lensed plastic camera!

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