Monday Moodboard: In Monet's Garden

Uninspired and demotivated for the first day of the week? Here's how to get out of the rut. No need to be French or to fly all the way to France to gander at the historical and iconic garden in Giverny.

The garden was an artists' colony, where Claude Monet moved there and rented a house and the area around it. It was at this very garden his most famous paintings came from — the colorful shrubs, water lilies, archways and the Japanese bridge with ponds below.

Not for long, painters such as Richard E. Miller, Lawton S. Parker, Guy Rose, Edmund Greacen and Karl Anderson worked in the garden, too. They were called the "Giverny Group".

Now enjoy this Monday Moodboard full of picturesque scenery!

Credits: marcomaestro, aoba, dudizm, meliepascal, clemfaster, amedejulie, mokachiato & -annamonte


2017-07-10 #places #giverny #claude-monet #monday-moodboard

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