Angeline Moizard and the Neptune Convertible Art Lens

Angéline Moizard is a French film photographer specializing in portrait and urban photography and a Lyrical Art student. She used the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System to shoot this very fashionable story, with the 50mm Despina 2.8/50 lens.

Despina 2.8/50mm Art Lens

Hello! Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey! I started photography back when I was 18 years old, 10 years ago now! I had found an old camera in a second-hand shop and my dad offered it to me for my birthday. I liked the randomness of the settings, the old-fashioned side of the camera, the intriguing aspect of having to develop the films and wait to see the pictures. I didn't know how to use it at first, and I kind of shot randomly. Then I decided that I would note down the settings I was using for every picture so that I started to learn how not to waste my films. For some time I kind of abandoned photography for music; but after a health issue that didn't let me sing for several months, I came back to photography and to my old analogue camera. Until now, I have only been shooting analogue!

How would you define your style?

Hard question! I'd say spontaneous and intuitive, like everything in life :)

Despina 2.8/50mm Art Lens

Where do you get inspiration from?

Everything! The answer may seem typical but it's true: a light, a place, a word, a city, a sound, a song, a person... Back in Brazil, I wanted to shoot everything, the light was always amazing, in the morning, in the afternoon, during the night... It was the same in Norway. The environment inspires you to shoot, the vastness of the space, the beauty of every landscape, the calm... I wanted my pictures to express that mood I was in, the mood of the trip, of what I had seen.

What was your first impression of the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System?

"Beautiful! But how does this work?" It's true that it seems complicated at first to understand its mechanism, but you quickly get used to it, and in the end, it works very smoothly.

Despina 2.8/50mm Art Lens

How did the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System fit your style?

I like to shoot with a strong depth of field, and I usually shoot with very high apertures. I only used the 50mm lens for this shooting, and I was not disappointed at all. I would love to use it with some Portra film! Also, I travel quite a lot, so having different lenses in one system and particularly the 35mm one is quite arranging for me, it's actually the lens that I use the most.

Can you tell us about your favorite picture from this shooting?

Despina 2.8/50mm Art Lens

I like the framing, the model's attitude, the lines that structure the photo.

Any advice you'd like to give to use the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System?

Have fun! With this system, you have plenty of possibilities. It's worth trying it: creative, resistant and versatile. So point, focus and shoot :)

To see more of Angéline's works, follow her on Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook. Special thanks to the model, Marthe from Women Management, and Make-Up Artist Gilly Tosello.

written by Maria Teresa Neira on 2017-07-22 #people #neptune-convertible-art-lens-system #angeline-moizard

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