Lomographic Color Studies: Red

It doesn't surprise how the color red impacts humanity, whether individually or collectively. The intensity of the shade is unsurpassable. A striking, bright color, that even a speck of it steals a glance.

A stylish color, red is. A showstopper. A woman in red may just be the prettiest in the room like a red rose amidst the florilege; the epitome of beauty. A red-maned person, the most attention-grabbing.

Eyes will always be on you.

Credits: andrejrusskovskij, samoylyk, jennson & susielomovitz

The multiple shades found in this color are aplenty. When one speaks of wearing their rose-colored glasses, it means looking through a heightened sense of wishes and idealism. Dreamers dream in red, for reality becomes ever more elegant, beautiful as they make it out to be.

But heed caution, dreamer. Red signals the dangers, too. Femme fatale or homme fatale, anyone?

Credits: bccbarbosa, 5thdimension, thecheekyscamp, mafiosa & moodification

Red is a primary color, and perhaps there is more poetry to it than we think. Red, being one of the oldest colors in the Earth, being the color that runs and drips through our veins, may just be the color symbolizing our state as beings. Of humanity and its unshaken passion.

Credits: objectionableconformity, erikagrendel, nerdlab & fivedayforecast

For these reasons, red might just always be the warmest color.

2017-07-08 #culture #red #color #analogue-photography

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