Around the World in Analogue: Malta and Gozo


“Around the World in Analogue” is your bite-size guide to the most amazing travel destinations across the globe, as documented by the members of the Lomography community. Today, lomographer Rusnė (@ensur) lists down things to look forward to when visiting Malta and Gozo.

Name: Rusnė
LomoHome: @ensur
Social Media: Facebook, Instagram
Camera: Minolta XG1
Film: Kodak Gold 200
Location: Malta and Gozo

Credits: ensur

The best way to explore the world is on foot. So, I put my boots on, took my backpack and camera and walked around Malta and Gozo islands for 14.5 days (~340 km or ~211 miles).

What is Malta and Gozo about?

  • cliffs and rocky surface
  • blue, blue sea
  • many cacti
  • sand-colored buildings
  • cats in the streets
  • lizards
  • heat and wind
  • siesta time and empty streets
  • many private gardens
  • pastizzi (You should try this local snack!)

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