25 Brave Adventures Taken on by Lomographers


There is a well-known saying: "It's not about the destination; it's about the journey." Although we do agree on this matter, sometimes it truly is about both of these things. Over the years, we have been writing about many beautiful destinations, and we have pictures to prove it. As we celebrate Lomography's 25th anniversary, we want to highlight all those adventures which inspired us the most and took us to breathtaking places. Some may surprise you and allow you to learn something new about them; others may motivate you to go on a road trip yourself. Either way, sit back and let us be your tour guide.

1. From the Arctic to Antarctica by stouf

Stéphane T., better known as @stouf in the Lomography community, joined a team of researchers specializing in zooplankton study to navigate the frigid Arctic and Antarctic waters by breaking through ice.

2. Chernobyl by wil6ka

Herr Willie (@wil6ka) has been to many different places around the world. He paid a visit to Chernobyl, which he described as a "testament for the fragility of humankind."

3. The Sahara Desert by lomonina

@Lomonina is a frequent visitor to the Sahara, and claims that every visit was full of excitement and surprises. Here, we see why!

4. A Trip To Iceland by andrejrusskovskij

On a week-long trip to Iceland, Andrea Russo (@andrejrusskovskij) witnessed a majestic sunset and his first view of the Northern Lights. Bucket-list worthy, we must say!

5. South Island of New Zealand by Dawn Chapman

If you're a nature lover (which means all of us, right?) then an escape to this gallery featuring immaculate areas of Te Waipounamu by Dawn Chapman is surely worth a peek.

6. Siberian Adventures by wil6ka

Another gem from @wil6ka, who answered a call to a distant and mystic land, to bring us a look into Siberian culture.

7. Ouagadougou by vicuna

@Vicuna (accompanied by his travel buddy @wil6ka) captured the sounds and sights of this energetic African city.

8. Exploring Tibet by lawypop

The mysterious and untainted Tibet, with its beautiful mountain ranges and scenery, required some permits for a visit. Luckily, @lawypop and friends were able to secure them and came back with these awesome photos.

9. Mount Papandayan by shufi

@shufi bravely trekked one of the 127 active volcanoes in Indonesia and documented the natural beauty of Mount Papandayan with her friends.

10. Solo Roadtrip To South Africa by twenty-haitch

Here's a truly memorable brave adventure: @twenty-haitch fulfilled a life-long wish of travelling around his home country of South Africa while living in a camper van.

11. The Other Side of Seoul - Yongma Land, Abandoned Park by singleelderly

While Seoul is a shiny modern city in Korea, @singleelderly could not help but wonder if there were abandoned places to take pictures of? He found his answers in Yongma Land, an abandoned park popular among cosplayers, photographers, and music video makers.

12. June in Peru by sallycanela

For @sallycanela, Machu Picchu is the place that she always pictures in her head when dream destinations come to mind. Together with her boyfriend, they embarked on a two- and-a-half week trip to Peru, armed with her Nikon FE loaded with Kodak Ektar film.

13. The Dieng Plateau by specialblewah

@specialblewah trekked to this sacred place and captured its breathtaking beauty in sweeping panoramas.

14. Capturing Glorious Yosemite by blueskyandhardrock

Inspired by Ansel Adams's classic capture of the glorious Yosemite, @blueskyandhardrock found herself humbled by the scenic views and allowed Yosemite to capture her instead.

15. Tundra Adventures by Kevin Hodur

Here is what sunny winter scenes look like, from Kevin Hodur's perspective.

16. Living on Top of a Mountain in Patagonia, Argentina by Danny Fresh

For 3 days, @dannyfresh experienced what it's like to live on top of a bed of clouds!

17. Traveling Through North Iraq

Take a look at an inside view of Iraq from the eyes of someone visiting for the first time. You might be surprised to learn about what the country really has to offer.

18. An Inspiring Road Trip To The States by lorrainehealy

"Three weeks. Eighteen states (Okay, some of them only for a few miles but they still count!). Six thousand two hundred miles, a few kilometers short of 10,000. Diners. Old signs. Memphis. Route 66. Does it get any better?" Follow @lorrainehealy's brave adventure in her travel story!

19. China in Analogue by montagu

A recent work-related trip led @montagu to shooting spectacular shots in China.

20. Breathtaking Denmark, the North Sea by fotofreundin

Journey to the quaint and picturesque coast of Denmark with lomographer @fotofreundin.

21. Majestic View of Morocco by Nina Keinrath

Morocco indeed gave photographer Nina Keinrath a majestic view and a wonderful color palette to work with.

22. Visiting Jaffa, Israel by lomod

Here, Lomographer Dasha Zaychkovskaya (@lomod) recalls a lesson that inspired her to travel to Jaffa, Israel.

23. A Trip To Cuba by Enzo Iriarte

Take a vibrant and quite stylish peek into Cuba by pohotographer Enzo Iriarte.

24. A Journey From the North Pole to the South Pole by Adam Jeppesen

A voyage from North Pole to South Pole, which gave us a preview of really majestic sights. Thank you, Adam Jeppesen!

25. Mumbai Through The Lens Of Shalini Sridhar

Follow Lomographer Shalini Sridhar (@shalinis) as she takes us to the New York City of India through her lens.

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  1. disdis
    disdis ·

    Great travellers!

  2. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Mount Papandayan Garut punya @shufi 8D

  3. charlie_cat
    charlie_cat ·

    Wow i have a real crush for the Peru one

  4. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Thanks for selecting one of my trips with all these great travels made by great lomographers!! :) Congrats and thanks for all these fantastic travel photos @Lomonina @andrejrusskovskij @lawypop @shufi @twenty-haitch @singleelderly @sallycanela (love all your pictures from this Peru trip!) @specialblewah @blueskyandhardrock @kevinhodur @dannyfresh @lorrainehealy @montagu @fotofreundin @lomod @shalinis (and those without lomohome as well)
    @stouf travels to the 2 poles is a an absolute fantastic achieving! You could've included @wil6ka's trip to North Korea, it isn't such an usual travel made by a lot of people... I think he might be the lomographer who traveled the most countries in the world, and I'm happy to have done 2 with him (Burkina & Australia/Tasmania, meeting @stouf! :) ....

  5. wil6ka
    wil6ka ·

    @vicuna ❤️

  6. stouf
    stouf ·

    I'm so proud to be in such a glorious list! Incredible adventurers!

  7. stouf
    stouf ·

    And I concur with @vicuna , @wil6ka is the true 'Rambling Man' (song by Lemon Jelly) 😊

  8. montagu
    montagu ·

    traveling faraway places and taking photographs, life can be grand

  9. shufi
    shufi ·

    @hervinsyah haha padahal udah lama ya :))
    btw ada dieng juga @specialblewah halo, salam :D

  10. shalinis
    shalinis ·

    Thank you so much for the feature! :) Congratulations to my fellow lomographers :)

  11. crismiranda
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    Awesome travel shots! Congrats to all!

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