Pictures That Shaped Lomography 2016


One can say that the year 2016 was a year that changed humanity -- for better or for worse. A new era, if one would put it, as traditions begin to falter. Great Britain just left the European Union, hence the infamous Brexit move; beloved tennis player Maria Sharapova failed the Australian Open drug test. The world was shaken and torn in half after the presidential elections of the most powerful country on the planet. Bombs, all over.

Prince David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Leonard Cohen, Merle Haggard, George Michael, Carrie Fisher, Harper Lee, George Martin (a.k.a. The Fifth Beatle), Gene Wilder and many more unlisted because it's dampening the mood -- have died in 2016. Speaking of deaths, many believe love has died and ceased to exist when Brangellina was no more.

However, 2016 was also a year of milestones, taking humanity steps further to the future.

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It was the year the world saw the potential of virtual reality through the first real-world mobile game by Niantiic, Pokémon Go. NASA's Junso successfully entered Jupiter's orbit. And Queen Bey enthuses the world with her "Lemonade" film on HBO. Heavy breakthroughs on ALS and HIV have been made; cures are about to come. Wildlife is also getting back on its feet as the population of tigers, manatees, and pandas grew. Oh, and after 10034356 years, climate change is finally being taken seriously by the majority of the globe.

Batman and Superman had finally duked it out in the most-awaited comic book film (although Marvel's Civil War, also released in 2016, the film where Iron Man and Captain America duke it out, was more successful). It was a fan's dream come true.

There amusing things too -- like when a police unit entered a sandcastle competition with a sculpture of a murdered woman, and a lady who printed off Facebook comments and read them on the subway. And lastly, a lock of John Lennon's hair was sold at an auction in Dallas, Texas for $35,000.

The variance of events that occurred in 2016 only grounds and reminds us of our existence as human beings. For humanity, light and darkness coexist.

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