Monday Moodboard: Ghibli Wonderland


Dreading the dull and boring routine in your Monday? Worry not, we have gathered the most surreal and fantastical experience that may just bring you to the magical locations and scenery seen in Hayao Miyazaki's films.

Castles in the sky, savvy cats, scarecrows, mysterious forests, hovering planes, dancing street lights -- these Lomographs in our Monday Moodboard just have what it takes to paint you a similar dreamland found in Studio Ghibli's oeuvre.

Credits: satomi, sprofishgel, shooooter, tomkiddo, lomomowlem, jillpossible, pinkbutterfly, hodachrome, simonesavo, marcus_loves_film, badjuju, chourique & unknownsoldier

2017-07-03 #culture #multiple-exposure #studio-ghibli #monday-moodboard

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