Pictures That Shaped Lomography 2012

Remember the infamous fact-turned-myth that the world's supposed to meet its doom in 2012? You can thank the Mayan Calendar for that, as it was the most-talked topic of 2012 across the globe.

Well, with that sort of thinking plaguing among the populace, 2012 was a year where people took chances and made the most out of their lives. Hey, it was the London Olympics and it was also the year Curiosity Rover landed on Mars!

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Even Lomography wasn't exempted to upping the A-game as they successfully brought back the 110 film medium through the Orca B&W 110 and Tiger CN 110. The 110 medium was out of production since 2009 until Lomo decided to pick it up, and made 110 cameras as well -- the Fisheye Baby 110 and Diana Baby 110.

It was also the year where your favorite Marvel heroes decided to share a single movie screen -- the first ensemble heroes film that was successfully done and filmed right. It was a good year for the hardcore comic fans, we assure you, and it jumpstarted a lot of high-quality comic book films.

And then there was American basketball player Jeremy Lin and Linsanity... oh boy. He led the New York Knicks to victory, and the phenomenon was deemed as "the most surprising story in the NBA".

Humanity at its finest? We'd like to think so, too!

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