Recreating Martin Parr's Vibrant Photography with the Lomo Lubitel 166+

If you're familiar with the photography of British color photography pioneer Martin Parr, then you'd know that his whimsical photographs are the poppiest and most vibrant as he captures the intimate moments in life with an anthropological, documentary approach.

If you're interested in recreating his style, the Lubitel 166+ would quickly do the job for you. Notice how Parr's imagery often have shades of red, and how the colors appear striking. Often shooting under natural light, the Lubitel 166+ can capture mundanity in whatever form with its wide range of apertures and shutter speeds. Get 'em in high-quality medium format.

Here's some ways you can echo Parr's aesthetics, with a tad bit of Lomographic and analogue touch with the Lubitel 166+.

Red is always the warmest color

Credits: lomography & bongsalvacion122k

Beach stories

Credits: lomography, warning, susielomovitz, chippo & disdis

Colorful, mundane daily life

Credits: lomography, mpflawer, sml_04z, kaye1110 & stepheno

Forever summer

Credits: lomography, andrejrusskovskij & hburgess

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Lomo Lubitel 166+

Lomo Lubitel 166+

LUBITEL+ IS FOR LOVERS - The Lubitel+ is simply the camera for people who love and adore life! Its manual controls are easy and satisfying to learn. Its light plastic body makes it the ideal daily companion. As one of the last twin-lens cameras still under production – and one of the cheapest pro-quality medium format cameras on the market – the Lubitel+ is an incredible value and an exciting new tool for analog photographers across the world.

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