In the Cinema of Michelangelo Antonioni: From the Rear View


Italian filmmaker Michelangelo Antonini is known for his well-composed, almost geometric shots in cinema. He's also fond of shooting rear and back views of the figures in his films.

Often the camera focuses on the frontal features of people -- the face. the eyes, nose, and lips have a language of their own. They speak volumes to the viewer despite the absence of audible words. The back shot mystifies this, making the viewer ever curious and deductive to whatever subtle hint or clues they may get from the person in focus.

Watch this montage of backshots from the Italian filmmaker's oeuvre.

Preview image was taken from the video.

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  1. petrischev
    petrischev ·

    what the sound treck you keep? tell me please
    thanks so much for film!!

  2. montagu
    montagu ·

    Antonioni, one of my biggest inspirations

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