Flights of Fancy: The Visual Poetry of Slevin Aaron

Polish photographer Slevin Aaron's dreamy reality is one that consists of people with flowers growing on their heads, or spacemen lost in prairies. Enter his surreal and mystifying world through his photographic compositions.

Born in the port city of Szczecin, Poland, photographer Slevin Aaron has devoted his life with the camera. When asked what sort of photographer he relates to, he would refer to himself as an "emotions" photographer, capturing the stories, subtle messages, the unseen elements of life.

Slevin works with fashion and portraiture with his own twist -- they're painted in semi-surrealistic landscapes, giving a sort of 'normality' in his reverie-like aesthetic.

Flowers do a lot of talking in his young oeuvre. In fact, he finds similarities between humans and flowers.

"We are all beautiful beings, just like flowers. Just like all species of flowers, there are differences between us humans, we look different, we smell different, everyone is called different, everyone comes from a particular place, all of us affects someone and triggers some emotions. For some, we are beautiful; for the others, ugly. So I think I would not be wrong if I wanted to call us all flowers."

Watch out for our interview with Slevin soon. In the meantime, visit his website, Facebook and Instagram for more of his works. Images are with permission from Slevin Aaron.

written by Ciel Hernandez on 2017-07-01 #people #portraiture #portrait-photography #slevin-aaron

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