A 1920 Photo-Documentary Series of the Homeless Children in Russia


In the early 1920's, orphans and abandoned children all collectively described as the "besprizoornye" or "besprizorniki" (meaning "unattended") were found all over Russia. From cities, towns and villages across the new Soviet state.

World War I, the Russian Revolution and the Civilian War caused not only lives but also severed contacts between children and their parents. The Bolshevik was faced with an approximate of 7 million homeless children.

The Volga famine in 1921 only heightened the issue. By the spring of the same year, 1/4 of Soviet Russia was in starvation, thus bringing serious cases of typhus, cholera and other epidemics. In response, the government evacuated 150,000 children across the country to be placed in foreign relief organizations.

Take a look at these rare photographs here.

Images are from Design You Trust.

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    FED started out as an effort to train orphans of Russian Civil War in trades. Look here: https://www.lomography.com/magazine/14002-fed-1-the-wonderf…

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