Pictures That Shaped Lomography 2009


The Diana Mini was launched -- offering all the lovable features of its older sister, the Diana, in a compact, 35mm camera. '09 also saw the start of the Diana World Tour wherein Lomography shared the very best of vignetted square shots with photographers all over the world! But it doesn't stop there for the Diana, Lomography also released the Diana Instant Back+ to give our dearest Lomographers an instant camera option with their favorite Diana camera!

Credits: adi_totp, anarchy, sirio174, zark, renaishashin, warning, kylewis, bravopires & lawypop

Another highlight from this big year for Lomography, the original Lomo LC-A turned 25 in 2009! In light of this, we released a new LC-A model to commemorate this wonderful milestone -- the LC-A No Nukes Edition! The Lomography website also re-launched with a better interface, cool new features, and localized versions for countries like Canada, Taiwan, China, UK, Thailand, Korea, and Italy. Last but not the least, Lomography opened nine new Gallery Stores worldwide!

In other news, 2009 was also a big year for blockbuster Hollywood movies like Avatar which won numerous Oscars, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Up, The Hangover, and The Blind Side. Songs like Empire State of Mind, Poker Face, Single Ladies, and I Gotta Feeling swept the international music charts.

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