Pictures That Shaped Lomography 2001

In year 2001, Lomography is almost on its first ten years in the industry! To celebrate this milestone, the very first Lomography Embassy Store opens in Vienna to welcome Lomographers from all over the world! Fun was had, walls were filled with amazing photographs (these would soon be known as LomoWalls) and an array of exciting products were released.

Credits: devildi, novakmisi, coconutcorbasi, minna1608 & winterschlaefer

On top of that, a few noteworthy events joined in on the fun:

  • Wikipedia, the open source cyber encyclopedia was launched
  • The first Harry Potter movie was released -- people were hooked on the magic that was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
  • Apple introduced the iPod -- a music player that took the world by storm
  • Techno duo Daft Punk released their album Discovery and the 2D animated group Gorillaz made waves in the music industry

What was your fond memory from 2001? Share it with our fellow Lomographers at the comments section below!

Have you submitted your shots yet? Help us create a global photography exhibition by sending us your top shots of your favorite places and signing up to construct your very own LomoWall. Keep an eye on the official 25 Years of Lomography site and make sure you’re following us on social media, too. From parties to exhibitions to giveaways and more, there are tons of festivities still to come!

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