Pictures That Shaped Lomography 1997


1997 was a year of mixed events. Some were amazing, some tragic but all were memorable. Who could forget the scene where Jack and Rose were floating on the icy waters aboard a piece of debris in Titanic (the movie swept the Academy Awards in 1998 by winning in 11 categories.) People mourned the untimely passing of Princess Diana due to a horrific car crash -- tears were shed as the whole world was tuned in to the news. Also, radio stations were abuzz with the music of Hanson and their chart-topping song "MMMBop".

Credits: buckshot, ecchymoses, superlighter & sirio174

Though all these can be considered as just "throwback memories," we still couldn't shake off the feeling of good times that 1997 brought to us. The same thing goes with photos that our dear Lomographers shared with us! These vibrant photos are just full of life! The fun we've had during that year was like the events we witnessed, are just unforgettable.

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