25 Creative Photography Tipsters

Doing out-of-the-box experiments has always been at the core of Lomography's "Don't Think, Just Shoot" philosophy. Over the years, members of the Community continuously amazed and inspired everyone with their relentless passion for pushing the boundaries of creative photography.

From outrageous film soups to nifty camera hacks, we list down 25 of the most ingenious tipsters published in the Lomography magazine.

Improving Lomography Know-How

One of the easiest tricks to get a taste of Lomography's crazy aesthetic is through multiple exposure photography. Learn the secrets to producing mind-boggling images with this technique.

Another basic trick every lomographer should try at least once is a DIY redscale film. Here are some basic ways to transform your regular colored film into a redscale one!

Ready to take the redscale technique to another level? Try the tricky exposing both sides technique (EBS) and get images that are part-colored and part-redscale.

Kodak Aerochrome is one of the most sought after films by lomographers who want snapshots with a touch of psychedelic pinks and reds. It's a rare, discontinued film, so better make the most out of it with this guide.

For those who want to play with natural and artificial light sources, peruse this beginner's guide to star trail photography and light painting with sparkler.

Lab Rats and Film Soups

Processing films at home comes with many advantages. Aside from having control over the outcome of the roll, it's a lot cheaper in the long run. Ease into being a Lomo lab rat by learning the ropes of black and white processing, C-41, and E-6.

For the adventurous soul, soak film rolls on various household chemicals or even beverages before shooting them. For starters, try dunking it in a glass of gin, cooking it or washing it with dirty dishes.

Don't have any chemicals to process film? Red wine or powdered coffee works great as an alternative developer.

And after processing piles of negatives, preserve and put those memories on display by printing them on stone and other natural materials.

Camera Hacks

Adapting existing gear to suit one's need is easy with little tinkering! Trick the Lomo LC-A+ into exposing at ISO 12 by placing a film strip over its light meter, reload a 126 cartridge with 35mm film, or build a tilt shift lens from an old one.

With simple tools like nail clipper and cutter, modify a Supersampler (or any multi-lens camera) to take seamless multiple exposure photo or fix the film advance problem of a Diana Mini. And for the analogue filmmaker, here's an extensive tutorial on creating a power winder for the LomoKino.

Fresh Takes on Old Techniques

Looking for new ways to experiment with timeless photography tricks? Create a filter made of rainbow and polka dots and take pinhole photography up a notch by using a pine nut or an egg. Add a different twist to multiple exposure photography by using discarded instant photographs and transform classic panoramic images into tiny planets.

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