1970's: Revisiting Youth & "Class Favorites" by the Yearbook

Remember back in the days before Facebook or social media was even a thing? For us to revisit old photographs, it's either we print them, have them in photo albums or find them in books.

And what else was the great keeper of teen youth memories in decades such as the '70s than the yearbook?

These photographs and portraits from a 1970's class yearbook automatically hype nostalgia. One of the best parts of the yearbook was the awards section, where select students are voted for titles, both serious and ridiculous -- "best dressed, most handsome, most typical senior, best legs, most devilish" -- it either gets weirder of funnier. This portion of a typical American class yearbook would often have this, especially back then.

Now we're wondering if yearbooks still exist, especially when Facebook and social media can even recall your own memories now through photographs. And even if schools still have 'em, do they have captions and titles as humorous as "Most Devilish"? Go on and take a gander for sentimentality's sake.

Images are sourced from Design You Trust

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