Uncut 35mm 'Suspiria' Will Be Touring the US Soon


Suspiria, a 1977 Italo-disco horror film directed by giallo auteur Dario Argento, is known for its really vibrant color palette. Said to be visually inspired by Disney’s 1937 movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, this neon nightmare, in turn, inspired other notable filmmakers such as Nicolas Winding Refn and David Lynch. Even if horror isn’t your kind of thing, this visually arresting film will lure you in with its saturated colors and screengrab-worthy shots.

Recently, the Chicago Cinema Society rescued an uncut 35mm print of the movie from an Italian cinema that had closed down. It has been untouched in the storage area since 1977-1978, and is in excellent condition.

Clip of a 35mm print of Suspiria being privately projected.

This rare and uncut version will be touring the US starting next month. For screening updates, please visit the Chicago Cinema Society website.

If you liked Suspiria, do check out our interview with photographer Kelly McGuire, whose photo series was inspired by the movie.

Information was taken from Indiewire. Video courtesy of Chicago Cinema Society.

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