How to Take Street Portraits of Strangers and Overcome Shyness


If there's a common fact in most street shooters, it's that we've all been guilty of shyness.

A natural emotion and reaction especially for beginners and rookies. It's all right to feel the butterflies of asking a street vendor or a flaneur to take their photos hoping they won't assume you're some creep or stalker. However, this shyness does inhibit you from growing and making the best, candid photographs. That's the essence of street photography after all.

Luckily, photographer Eduardo Pavez Goye shares his own ways to overcome shyness in photographing and asking strangers on the streets through this video.

Preview image was taken from the video.

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  1. mmxi
    mmxi ·

    This guy has to have a profile on Lomography!

  2. luizspindola
    luizspindola ·

    @mmxi indeed!

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