First Impressions with the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System: Brian Bruno

We've been fans of Philadephia-based analog photographer Brian Bruno, or @brunoroids work ever since he showed us some fantastic rolls of our favorite films like the LomoChrome Purple and Lomo F2. He uses all kinds of analog gear and wanted to take the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System for a spin. Check it out!

© Brian Bruno

Hello, Brian, welcome back to Lomography! Tell us a little bit about your photography background.

All of senior year of high school I went to a trade school and was one of the last classes to be taught analog photography.

© Brian Bruno

What would you call your photography style?

Organic and free-flowing with a side of cinematic.

© Brian Bruno

What was your first impression upon seeing and holding the Convertible Art Lenses?

I loved how small the lenses were! It's neat to have 3 lenses almost the size of just one normal lens.

© Brian Bruno

How does the Convertible Art Lens System fit into your (photography) style?

It's nice to have the option of focal lengths with a quick switch since I normally have a roll loaded on 50 mm or 35 mm so I can switch around easy with even the option of an 80mm

© Brian Bruno

Could you share your best photo (taken using the lens system) and the story behind that shot?

I really love the shot of Lior Allay with her pet snake Ava. I never shot with a snake before and I put on the 80mm lens and went wanted to capture a beautiful closeup and was so pleased with the outcome.

© Brian Bruno

Any pointers that one should keep in mind when using the Convertible Art Lenses?

I like to shoot with all 3 of the I would say don't be afraid to experiment and change between all of the focal lengths.

© Brian Bruno

Other interests aside from photography?

[I am a ] lover of cinema.

© Brian Bruno

Special thanks to all of the lovely models pictured: Audrey Kitching, Lior Allay, Anna Catherine, Sibyl Sharp

The Kickstarter may be over, but you can still reserve your own Neptune Convertible Art Lens System in the Lomography Online Shop.

To see more of Brian Bruno's work, please visit his Instagram. You can also preorder his book, Polaroid Chocolate.

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Neptune Convertible Art Lens System

With the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System, you’ll be ready for anything. With three interchangeable front lenses with fixed focal lengths of 35mm, 50mm or 80mm, be prepared for any shooting situation with just one lens system.

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