Life in a Blur - Photographs by Liu Chien-Hsiang

Photography can show life as well as its absence. It’s an ever-changing tool of expression that artists can use to paint reality as they see fit. Taiwan photographer Liu Chien-Hsiang uses his camera to bring into the spotlight life’s gritty and mysterious moments.

© Liu Chien-Hsiang via ahsiang99

Chien-Hsiang is a master when it comes to creating captivating photographs. His images leave questions for his audience to answer and invites them to interpret every frame and scene. While some photographers choose color to get their points across, Chien-Hsiang makes use of grain, texture, and contrast. Not everything about life is pretty, why should his photographs differ?

© Liu Chien-Hsiang via ahsiang99

In an artistic perspective, Chien-Hsiang takes photographs in a distinctive style. He uses different framing techniques to highlight his subjects, as well as grain and texture to add more drama to an already dark series of photographs. It wouldn’t be far off to say that one can think that Chien-Hsiang’s photographs are a surrealistic reflection of life as he sees it.

The photos in this article are included in a series called Scenery of Life by Liu Chien-Hsiang, curated by artist Chang Chao-Tang.

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