Why the Lomography Konstruktor is Your Urban Sidekick


Lomography's Konstruktor is one of the beloved cameras in the community and there are multiple reasons for that. It's an inexpensive, educational, challenging 35mm camera that you have to build by yourself, teaching you the basics of photography; the upside, it produces amazing photographs. It's fixed aperture of f10 and shutter speed 1/80 unlock opportunities for on-the-go and versatile photography. The street savvy's sidekick, if we're to put it.

But in case you didn't know already, we give you the simplest reasons why you should bring your own Lomography Konstruktor camera wherever, whenever you're out and about in the city.

For the fleeting moments

Credits: smolda, xsara & sobetion

For clear and bright photography

Credits: copefan, dakadev_pui, smolda, oleman & sobetion

For cityscapes and architecture

Credits: mauret, sobetion, opon21 & smolda

For street portraits

Credits: sobetion, dopic, ccwu & orangebird

2017-06-25 #gear #street-photography #konstruktor #lomography-konstruktor

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Lomography Konstruktor

Lomography Konstruktor

Make your Lomography experience truly DIY and build your own 35mm plastic SLR camera with Konstruktor DIY Kit.

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