Strolling Around Cuba: Cinematic Snapshots by Stijn Hoekstra

Like his Cinematic Tokyo series, Dutch cinematographer and photographer Stijn Hoekstra now returns to Lomography with a fresher travel and street series, this time in Cuba.

Stijn went to Cuba for a three-week holiday, first visiting Havana, before traveling to Trinidad, Santiago de Cuba, and Vinales to capture both urban and rural life.

© Stijn Hoekstra

Most of the photographs came from his lounging and wandering around the streets, more often than not also capturing portraits of locals.

True to his cinematic aesthetic, Stijn's version of Cuba seems like a time capsule of the Caribbean island -- the vintage, flashy and colorful cars and vehicles were easy to spot and find in the area, just like the color-splashed houses. The warm light cast by the Cuban sun gives off a vintage effect of his photographs.

© Stijn Hoekstra

For more of Stijn Hoekstra's works, visit his Instagram, Behance and website. Images are used with permission from Stijn Hoekstra.

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