Snapshots from the Street Market


Have you dropped by your local street market nowadays? You'll never know the good finds you can get there. Apart from the produce and greengrocer, there are some interesting scenes you might want to double-take.

So here are some snapshots by Lomographers who went on a stroll with their local markets.

Stylized stalls

Credits: srcardoso, volker-jp, roundmidnight & litleandi

People everywhere

Credits: neja, adamo-75, reizueberflutung & lihooi

Scenes from the night market

Credits: meitads, volker-jp, jbeischer & gocchin

Fresh from the produce section

Credits: magicbus, lomografin, umeshu, neja & volker-jp

2017-06-17 #places #street-market #street-photography #documentary-photography

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