Versatile Moods with the Agfa Vista 200

Summer is just a few sunsets away -- and there's just no other perfect season for analogue photography! The scorching sun may be harsh, but it's the ideal for your analogue grind. The Agfa Vista 200 35mm shouldn't be underestimated wth its humble speed of 200 ISO - it can take all the punches -- from low light to extreme sunlight, resulting in bright, bold and contrasting colors; an expert moodmaker, if we must say.

Here's some moods you can imitate, thanks to these Lomographs.

Sunny outdoors

Credits: certo-sl100, arielcheung, jbeischer & marisugar

Leaking Lomographs

Credits: euricolopes, hongmeow & marisugar

Natural cool tones

Credits: marisugar

Low lights and dark nights

Credits: raparigadocabelovermelho, marisugar, mkpatrick, proofbook & moses

2017-06-18 #gear #35mm #analogue-photography #agfa-vista-200

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