Angelica Trinco: Summer Atmosphere with the Petzval 85 Art Lens

Pastel hues and delicate female figures: Angelica Trinco, a young photographer from Trentino, Italy, tested the Petzval 85 Art Lens and realized images set in fleeting summer atmospheres.

How would you define your style and what does influence you?

I usually say I do portraits and that I curate the image communication for the commercial side, but honestly, I cannot really define my style. I like to understand someone and to try representing his/her soul and character through pictures. I have always liked watching images, I fall in love with photography also admiring how many talents there are in the world.

What do you like to shoot and what, instead, you would never photograph?

I like to photograph people, especially women. I talk to them and I try to understand what they would like to represent, so then I can realize shots which transmit those feelings and ideas, while always adding my style and a part of me.

There isn't something I wouldn't photograph, but I struggle without the human element. Besides architectural scenes, landscape shots are usually just light tests that I do before starting a shooting; then, during the post-production, I realize I took them so I edit them as well. I would like to take more landscapes shots but with the intention of transmitting certain feelings.

How is your creative process -- starting from the concept and realization of the shots, to post-production?

I adore traveling across the world and in Trentino as well. I am lucky enough to live in an almost fairytale place; I often go around by car and I see such wonderful places that they might seem fake. I always find different corners that help me in the development of ideas and concepts. When I discover a place, I start to think about the kind of person I would like to shoot with, then to which story I want to tell and how. Finally, there's the post, which instead is more connected to my current mood. I used to do a lot of post-production, but lately, I do it much less: I prefer to create certain effects right on set rather than adding them afterward.

Tell us about this series. What did you want to create and narrate?

In the pictures I shared with you there are many stories: there are the two Sabrina, Jovana and Giulia. Each one tells a story.

In the series realized with Jovana, we tell the story of the wind and of the will to fly and go away. This series was realized with the help of many people: Linda Maculan, Camilla Spagni, Alessio Ravelli and Giulia Broz.

With Sabrina T. I wanted to show her personality. I absolutely adore her and I often shoot with her; she has this calmness and inner serenity, which I really envy every time I meet her.

About Sabrina G.: I've always thought she had something from another epoch, so I tried to freeze her in an ancient bedroom capturing the details. I really like these shots because, besides the vintage style and the final effect, they also represent some periods of my life.

What happened the first time you used the Petzval 85 Art Lens? What were your first impressions?

The first time I tried the lens I found it super peculiar but a little bit demanding. I needed a moment to find the right confidence. Then I fell in love with it, I love the shots you can realize.

How did the lens adapt to your photographic style? And was it difficult to manage?

The lens creates an atmosphere that is a little bit vintage, which perfectly adapts to my genre. I especially adore the circular blur for portraits. Initially, it was a bit complicated getting used to it but after few shots, I had no problems anymore.

What is your favorite shot among these and why? What is the story behind?

I do not have a favorite shot, I kind of like them all. I love the pictures with Sabrina T. because they are a perfect mix between what she is and what I am. Besides transmitting serenity, they have something that pushes you to keep looking at the photo, trying to understand which story there is behind, how she reached this calmness despite the struggles she might have encountered throughout her life.

Do you have any projects planned for the close future?

A the moment I am focusing on my final dissertation on photography; I will realize the project during the summer and thanks to this I will also start to truly dedicate myself to analog photography. Afterward, I would like to move out and travel the world a bit. I hope I can meet many new people and tell new stories.

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