Laidback Lifestyle: Matt Cuddihy and the Lomo LC-A+

LomoAmigo Matt Cuddihy is a self-confessed surf addict. Here's a peek into his laidback lifestyle, captured with the Lomo LC-A+ that he takes everywhere with him.

Hi, Matt. How did surf become your passion?

I have always been around the water, and living in a little beach community gives you a good chance of falling in love with the ocean. From a young age, I was riding bodyboards and playing in the shore break. Then, when I was around 13, I jumped on a longboard and that has shaped my life. Sometimes I think ... if I put as many hours into studying as I did with surfing I would have been an astronaut hahaha.

What else do you like?

I love nature, riding motorcycles, doing surf trips in my van, traveling to foreign lands and enjoying the simple life.

When did you become involved in photography?

My dad had an old Canon Tx with some FD series lens that I played around with from time to time. When the digital camera revolution came I got a small 3-megapixel point and shoot, which I took to a few trips but it really lacked the feel I wanted in photos and I never really got what I wanted without stuffing around in Photoshop.

How did you begin shooting with the Lomo LC-A+?

I was packing for a trip to America and I was struggling to fit my camera gear in with my clothes. I like to pack light and keep thing easy to manage so I left my digital camera gear and looked online for a small point and shoot 35mm camera and I came across the Lomo LC-A+. The selling point for me was the Krab Underwater Housing. Such a great little camera and I've put mine through hell and it still clicks away.

Anything special or any tips when using the LC-A+?

Take it everywhere, try to find a bubble level that fits into the hotshoe so you can keep it level without looking through the viewfinder. I like to load mine with Kodak Ektar 100, it's vibrancy and fine grain gives my photos more pop.

What do you prefer to capture?

I like to shoot lifestyle more than anything ... I like to capture the in-between moments where most people would have put their camera down or haven't picked it up yet.

Why film photography in a world of digital?

The timeless feel of film photography has always appealed to me and I love seeing film photos that leave me guessing when it was taken. Also, you don't have to travel with a laptop and battery chargers.

Do you have some photographic or upcoming projects?

I just arrived back from Indonesia and I am trying to organize a surf trip to California for later in the year ... I would love to release a little zine at some point but I find it hard to do anything when the surf is good hahaha.

Follow Matt Cuddihy on Instagram to see his new adventures. Check out our previous feature on Matt Cuddihy and the Horizon Kompakt.

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