"The Barracks of Belgrade": a Photo-Story of a Refugee Camp


In April and May 2017, photographer Robert Altermoser went to the Barracks of Belgrade, a known non-government controlled refugee camp in Europe.

The place was an area full of former factory halls and warehouses and is housed by 1500 men from the Middle East during the European migrant crisis of 2015-2016. The area is located just behind the main bus and train station of Belgrade, a view steps apart from tourist hotspots.

With his 40-year-old Mamiya c220, Altermoser slowly engaged with the guys coming majorly from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran, forming camaraderies and acquaintanceship as he photographs their living conditions in a non-government refugee camp. For the many, the area served as the only place where refugees won't starve and freeze to death. Volunteers also visit the area to support the camp here.

Show your support on Altermoser's photography through his crowdfunding campaign here. Images are from the Kickstarter page.

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