LomoAmigo: Ken_Youth of Tokyo Takes the Lomo LC-A+ to LA-LA-LAND!


Ken aka "Ken_Youth of Tokyo" is the Tokyo-based music composer and photographer. He is no stranger to Lomography with his previous experience with the Petzval 58 Bokeh Control Art Lens. This time, he brought the Lomo LC-A+ for his journey to La-La-Land and shares the beautiful pictures. In the interview, he talks about the LC-A+ and experience with film photography.

Model: Ky Mahone. Taken with Lomography Color Negative 400 film.

Hello! How was your shooting with Lomo LC-A+?

It was really compact and easy to bring with anywhere. I put it in my jacket's pocket. It's small but well designed, captures images with unique character, and really nice for snap shooting style.

Do you usually shoot with film cameras? Please tell us your favorite film.

Recently I started shooting with film too. Now I'm just trying on many kinds of films, and I think Lomography films are really reasonable. They also have a large variety, so it's fun to try!

Taken with Lomography Color Negative 400 film.

You usually take portraits but this time, we see more snapshots. Did you have any plan while shooting?

It's a really easy thing, but I tried to look around as well. I was seeing people who were walking around me, or sometimes even waited for the ideal person to come out.

Model: Amanda Tataryn. Taken with Ilford HP5 film.

You took these photos in LA. Did the photos turn out as you imagined?

I think they were better than I thought they would be! May it be in portraits or in snapshots, I want to capture people as they are. This time I could meet really nice people.

Taken with CineStill 800T film/

Did you have any interesting moments while shooting in LA?

The men at the record shop where we took some pictures were impressive. They said they usually don't allow shooting in the shop but we could take as long as we want because our models were beautiful. I love those people. They told us about music, their shop, and many other things. I want to go back there again to meet them.

Taken by Canon 5D MkII

Also, I composed songs for the shots. Please check them out:

In your shots there is always a unique "exoticism". How do you make that atmosphere?

It maybe because I'm in Tokyo. It's a place where various cultures are mixed together, so it brings an exotic mood in my works.

Any projects that you plan to work on in the future?

I'm always up to a challenge if there is something interesting. Now I'm making posters, so that people can take my photos in their hands and enjoy them. See my website or Instagram for more details.

I'm also working in photography, movies, and composing songs for movies. Please look forward to it!

To see more of Ken_Youth of Tokyo's work, visit his website and follow him on Instagram. Special thanks to models Caylie Rae, Ky Mahone, and Amanda Tataryn.

written by choko3 on 2017-06-18 #videos

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